Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love Lost

Make haste thou my own
And reap you with scythe
What you have sown.

Bitter herbal, thou drinkest,
A potion deep, a draft succulent.
How didst thou findest
This herb so rare?
Tis wondrous, its fair flower.
Wilt thou smell the brief bloom of discontent
As it resides in the deepest part of thy truculent heart?

Wert o’er and thy smile hid
Beneath laden shadows of eventide.
Wert but a dream,
Descending into brightest sun
From moon swept night.

I knowest not thy heart.
Goest where thy will.
And in thy solicitude
Recall how thou didst
Smile with me,
Long and languorously my sweet.

Labor not to reap thy vanity.
Rather, labor truly to reap my heart
Ever wondrous and new
As it recalls the
Tenacity of love’s language.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hum of God

The hum of God
Fulfills the flowers,
Petals bowing silken heads in attunement

The thrum of God
Lulls the Lilly
To sleep soundlessly beneath blackberry brambles.

The rhythm of God
Weaves between swaying violets
Peeking out from under green cloaks.

The mind of God
Creates the story of the stars
Blinking across the darkened sky

The music of my name
Shines upon thy lips, a kiss—
A seal upon the vastness of God

I find my way to the heart of God.

copyright 2011 All rights reserved


Desperation hisses at me
Incessant with susurrant syllables,
Dry with the clatter of October wind.

I thirst for the bon vivance of youth
When I frittered away laughter
On an azure spring morning.

I thirst for the fullness of my summer
Fruit ripe, bursting its skin,
The red juices flowing out my mouth

It will rain soon.
Then the soft stillness of snow,
So cold, so much like death.

Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Luminosity of Death

Blue tendrils of spirit
Wrap gently around the yellow heat of the heart,
Cradling it, convincing it to surrender.
Purple knowingness clouds over fear,
Blanketing and warming the eye of the soul.
The pearlescent pink of purest love
Ceases not its silvered out-pouring into the soul of the beloved,
And buoyed upon opalescent tears, opaque and glistening,
Suffused, the heart shivers in tenderness,
As light shimmers and surrounds and moves through,
Replacing the old light of my eyes.

Sorrowful eyes to lose both the beloved
And the numinous eye of god.