The Volume of Synapse Unheeded

Neurone observé au microscope optique.

Much in the voluminous landscape
escapes my eye
except perhaps in my peripheral view
and there, takes up residence
in some part of my body
that I don’t know well.

A part that works on some other kind of circuit
and is wired
in places
you can’t see
and I can’t touch.

Images are fed onto neuron pathways
on an as needed basis
gliding electrical
like the flutter of white fingers
near your collar at a party
or a card indiscriminately shoved
between car seats.

If I can disconnect the circuit—
If I do that
will the pain of these
pass into synapse unheeded?

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

A note for my friends at Dverse Pub--my work schedule may not allow me to participate on Tuesdays--at least not much---hopefully, i will continue to find you, and you me---


  1. An intriguing write Audrey ~ Some things or details can't escape our eyes, much as we would like to deny them ~ Thanks for your visits in both of my blogs ~

    ~ Happy day to you ~

  2. I have always thought these images show up in our dreams... sometimes I wonder where they come from. A lovely, intriguing write!

  3. Very interesting. I for one have a lot of trouble with synapses so found this quite intriguing! k.

    1. And you have to wonder where all this comes from---Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. so much we can't see and explain and wonder where it comes from..

  5. i think sometimes we catch snippets that we dont even realize til later...and it comes up at interesting times...our brain is a pretty cool organ in all that it can do...even what we dont know i like the mental touch as well in this...smiles.

  6. It almost sounds like an undiscovered dimension, like knowing the black hole exists but not knowing the structure.
    Loved the line about the card in the car seat.
    Thanks for stoppin over at my place.

  7. Nice lines and touches... like the flutter of white fingers
    near your collar at a party
    or a card indiscriminately shoved
    between car seats.-Favorite. :)

  8. The message is strong and true. The way we store emotion, experience, energy; and then the manner in which those powers manifest. Well done.

  9. Beautiful! I'm glad I found your blog! Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Audrey, I agree this is beautiful and really made me think and ponder the unknown just a bit as reading it. Very much enjoyed and glad to have found your blog too :)

  11. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey, I have not thought about synapses in quite a while. I think they actually jump through air to make the final connections, or something, sometimes? But i could be wrong. Going on long-forgotten images from some science class or another.

    And once I did leave a card between 2 car seats but luckily retrieved it and it finally got mailed -- to Eunice in Ireland!

    But enough of all that... maybe there is a drug that can make all the pains go away, one customized to each of us individually and our synaptic rememberances.

    I really liked, no LOVE the image of the white fingers fluttering on a collar at a party. Best poetic line that's moved me in a while.

    Cheers, and sorry I've been so M.I.A. Working a lot in real life to get some $$$$, you know how it can go sometimes.


    1. Hey Jannie! Been missing you--make the $$$--I may be doing the same thing shortly!

  12. This poem reminded me of my Navy days, way back when I was working on digital circuitry for hours on end, and fixing circuit boards. I'm glad I chose to follow this blog of your, it is sensationally put together & especially for poetry.

    I truly love your creativity and poetic voice Audrey, Lovely!
    Your budd Mike Pugh from hubpages


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