How Writing Has Been Lately

wikimedia commons
Malene Thyssen
 The wake after the ferry to Fanø, Denmark

Time to write
5 pm rolls around
Pencil poised
Something nudges
And words start
Words, pictures—a lack of translation
Lack of grounding
Free fall
Stuff starts
Unrelated, unreal

Stuff, words, partial words
Crap, cross out
Begin again

Go with the stuff
words drift onto page
crap and more crap
so much crap
I can’t believe it
a moment

oh catch a wave and go
there in the curl
a bit of glimmer
some poetry maybe
who knows
ride it out
it feels right
go before it can dissolve
waves end you know
peak and crash
I hate the crash

Back to crap I see
Notebooks full of it
So much alike at the end

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013


  1. first, dont be so hard on yourself...we all write crap...its part of the deal...i would say 90% of what i write is crap but you got to go through it to get to the nuggets...that 10% thats good...what is good too is that you are writing...write...write...write...its how you get there...smiles...

    1. Thanks Brian--I appreciate the words of comfort--I've been struggling more lately--smiles to you as well

  2. Audrey sometimes it is tough. Try my method. I get a little inspiration, just not sure what to write and then I sit at the keyboard and my fingers just fly across the keys. Afterwards I read what I have written to edit and sometime it amazes me that I could possibly have written that. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Yamarella--I do feel like I need to be inspired somehow--I will give your suggestion a try!

  3. Audrey. Your words always have an impact on me. You've expressed today quite accurately how I have often felt!
    And I'm willing to bet a million dollars (damn,if only I really had it to bet lol) you know the lack of pleasing words is temporary. The self castigation is a passing moment...words will always come to you. It's who you are.

  4. Nice, realistic look at a writer's day. I had it yesterday. Nothing I wrote sounded inspired or even interesting. LOL I finally gave up and went for a walk with Bev. Tomorrow is a new day. :)

  5. Well...I usually blog 3-4 times per week and I only did twice this week...the words wouldn't come. We gotta give ourselves permission to not have the words sometimes. We have to refill our literary pail by going and doing other things. :)

  6. oh, there's beauty in crap (yes, that definitely sounds so wrong) - and self-reflection, too.
    time for a break . when the pen weighs heavy, just leave it lying on the table to sulk.

  7. The feeling is familiar as often experienced by poets! That uncanny fault of writer's block can emerge at the most vulnerable moment. But it is still a challenge in looking at all the crap in between! Nicely Audrey!


  8. I can to relate to trying to "oh catch a wave" and trying to snatch the "glimmer" and then seeing the crash.


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