A Taste of You

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Anna Bilinska-Bogdanowicz

My desire swells

    Stitches pulling

        Against tightly folded days,

   Piercing skin

       With blackened needles

Pungent in its patina.

Colors stroke cheek and arm

  As I reach

For the image of you

     I have scattered in the stars.

I press my eyes against them 

as I gather them

In the fullness of my skirt,

A bowl of you

Offered up


As I taste you again.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013 

Posted for Poets United.


  1. I love the beautiful images in this especially, "as I reach for the image of you I have scattered in the stars".

  2. I am smiling after reading this. Such a beautiful metaphor; the senses are alive after reading this and Lord knows I have preached enough about writers writing to the senses. Beautiful work, Audrey.

  3. had to share this.. this line especially ..."as I reach for the image of you I have scattered in the stars".

  4. a bowl of you...i love that...i like how you build them up through this as well...making them something greater than...the essence of...before gathering them up....cool piece....

  5. I feel this one deeply. Very sensual!

  6. She does seem so thoughtful, and you have provided a mean for us to read those thoughts.

  7. Very beautiful. I, too, most love the line Robert quoted.

  8. Audrey,

    Powerfully loving and seductive...Great visions with your painted words.

    Hope migraines pass:)

  9. This is a beautiful piece of lust/love.. so well described..

  10. Beautiful. " For the image of you I have scattered in the stars.".. like many before me, love this part of the poem.

  11. A lovely sensuous writing ~ Happy Sunday Audrey ~

  12. Oh Audrey, so many beautiful lines woven into the cloth of this exquisite skirt that is your poem.

  13. "Stitches pulling

    Against tightly folded days,"

    That is really gorgeous.

  14. Words to savour. A beautifully written poem. It begins, tenses up and brings us to a nice ending.

  15. Oh, this is awesome. The imagery, the flow...just sensual and tender. I loved it!

  16. This also shows full dedication of oneself to another:)

  17. This is wonderful Audrey. Sensual and flowing words. Great to visit your blog!


  18. Flowing....I was kinda totally engulfed...

    Such a pleasure to read this!

    balance it out

  19. Beautiful, sensual, passionate, wonderful to read and feel!

  20. I love the visual imagery in your poetry. It is always so imaginative.

  21. Audrey, first, thanks for commenting at my blog.

    Your have the power to make a bowl of soup into a sensual experience. Now THAT is good poetry! There is so much to love here, especially the line, "Pungent in its patina," again, mixing visuals with taste. A feast for the senses. THanks, Amy

  22. Now that is fantastic, Audrey! Now I want a bowl of soup :-)

  23. This is both earthy and sensual. I love it.


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