My heart on this autumn morning

wikimedia commons
The River Avon at Sea Mills.

I am grateful for the life I have this morning--

i watch the dust motes circle in their small orbits
falling around each other like stars
kissing the dust of loves left behind,

their patterns holding my heart as it turns.

i hold the promise of a newly minted day,
coffee cup pressed against my cheek
to let its warmth seep in
next to the place you leave behind each day,

as i turn toward the sun again.

i feel the press of you
encoded somewhere in my skin
DNA metered and puzzled out over time

a lifetime of days, folding one into another
weaving blues and greens,
a sea of cotton,

their patterns a cushion for my heart.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013

posted for Poets United


  1. first, beautiful imagery...i like the promise of a new day but also the warmth of being with them and spending it with them as well...a lifetime of days together to cushion the heart....

  2. I felt like I was falling into this piece, so beautifully written . . . and I agree with Brian that the imagery is beautiful too.

  3. This is the most tender and beautiful poem, Audrey. That is truly what gratitude is all about...I've always thought it was the little things...and the big thing of love. You've captured that magnificently.

  4. Lovely imagery and very sweet. Pressing the coffee mug against the cheeks to let the warmth seep in- I do it as well. :-)

  5. This is so comforting. I love it when people are grateful for their blessings!

  6. this is really wonderful, comforting, makes you grateful for the mornings we can have... safe. Love the images, especially the beginning.

  7. This poem conveys a sense of happiness, peacefulness, contentedness with life. Beautifully expressed, Audrey.

  8. There is such a sense of gentle tenderness in your envelopes your reader. Thank you,


  9. It has a very gentle sensuality to it.

  10. The dust imagery is so nice and vivid... wonderful and tender...

  11. I enjoyed the sweetness and serenity if your poem, Audrey and can relate to the hot cup of coffee against one's cheek.

  12. Absolute contentment! A very comforting poem for it really shares your contentment built out of a love shared over time.

  13. Anyone who can subliminate dust motes into stars is terribly imaginative . Beautiful imagery. Well done!

  14. I'm holding my tea against my cheek, haha.
    Awesome! I love autumn and you captured it so wonderfully with your's like they're wrapped in crinkly leaves as a gift to humanity. :)

  15. Audrey, you are always amazing. You make even dust bunnies sound like fairy dust.

  16. That's lovely, just substitute coffee for tea!

  17. I like the tapestry of dust dna and a sea of cotton

  18. what a treat this was to read. beautifully written Audrey. :<) well done!

  19. I love the idea of that person being 'DNA metered' -- great descriptions in your lovely poetry. x

  20. Audrey. thanks for stopping by and commenting on the "12 Years" poem.

    This is jam-packed with love, gratitude, and appreciation. I'm reading it on Thanksgiving late at night, and it's a relief to read after all the negative feelings I had about stores being open on the holiday. Refreshing write, and I thank you. Amy


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