expiration date

my heart stalled somewhere between the left and right ventricle
a trick of the moment
a heat maybe
burning the face held between my fists

i tried to pull away
to jump start the old ticker
slapping my hands
against skin
against hair whiter now than i wanted it to be
than i remembered it to be

looking for that on/off switch
before my air runs out
and the lights go off

past my prime a bit
i want to keep ripening
in this spot where trauma stops its viscous bleed
my fingers near the magic buttons
painted red and green

expiration date smudged

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

Not at all sure what this is about today--


  1. ugh. in light of my dads heart attack earlier this year, i hope you are not going through this literally...
    we all have those expiration dates...kinda glad we cant read them...though i wonder if we could if we might live a bit differently...

    1. Hey Brian--I am fine--just thinking about stuff I think--

  2. Poignant and thoughtful. There are times when we all ponder about this. Well expressed.


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