I Find A Beginning

wikimedia commons
a hint of the next day
Kenny Louie, Vancouver, Canada

grasses whisper through
fog's fingers 
into solace 
at my feet,
a seed at a time,
reminding me that 
even in the end
i find a beginning.

I am at music camp out in Marin County where the grasses line the hillsides in brown.  I was walking the other day and listening to the grasses whisper in the breeze of the early evening--it is amazingly quiet out there. 

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014


  1. You have chosen lovely earth words and woven them together beautifully, Audrey, creating a piece that is refreshing and soothing.

  2. Wonderful verse and wise words

  3. Yes, it is ~ Beautiful Audrey ~

  4. every end, is a new beginning ...and i am glad
    that you have found yours once more...

  5. I so love the sound of the wind blowing tall grasses....and I am jealous of your latest adventure. Have a superb week my friend.

  6. A beautiful piece Audrey, and it sounds like a beautiful place too

  7. This is very serene and centering Audrey. Love it.

  8. beautiful lines, reminds one of T S Eliot 'in my beginning is my end' Love of Nature is manifest

  9. Ah! natural abundance and calmness...........................we all long for.

  10. I love that last line...in the end...find a new beginning. So true, so true. Life has a way of cycling through, doesn't it?
    Hope you're well. Have fun at that camp. :)

  11. Wow--sounds so beautiful. So strange how it can be brown and foggy at once, but I guess that is the area around SF for you. Thanks, Audrey. k.

  12. I love the whispery grass and fog's fingers.....peaceful and lovely! Enjoy music camp! Must be so much fun!

  13. So much wisdom in your lines! It is good to remember there is always a new beginning.

  14. Oh my, this is simply beautiful...so calming


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