The Sound of Lace

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girl in white lace dress
Evil Erin

words fail the ebbed tide

of emotion pulling at my feet

as the walls of you

pull me deeper.

love's footsteps

weave their way quietly.

I turned,

the lace of your dress

catching me unawares

in a double clutch.

And tears fall

marked as unexpected

in a notebook chronicling


The shiver of lace has its own sound,

one that I mark now

as love.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

Posted for Poets Pantry.

My older daughter is getting married next June. We bought the dress yesterday.  I expect this will be a time of joy and deep seated feelings for me over the following months. PS. I cry at everything it seems.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you R.K. --it was a tumble of fabric and emotions yesterday--

  2. I adore the title - such a poetic observation in the sound, rather than texture, of lace. I can only imagine the emotions you are going through at present, but I know, too, that I shall have my turn,

    1. It seems like we start a road with our children--then things pause a bit--and then we walk again with them--

  3. The lace and tears and notbooks what a lovely romantic feeling.

  4. Nice nice--a new association for me, but I understand that moment of catch/cling/continue very well.

    1. New for me too Susan--and apparently there are many new rules here that I do not understand

  5. full of awe, and adoration, what more does a girl want huh?, a lovely write; have a nice Sunday; thanks for stopping over at my blog

    much love...

  6. This is lovely, Audrey. It really is an emotional time, having one's daughter marry. Your words captured it. "The shiver of lace" expresses such a gentle love.

    1. It was an experience--this trying on of dresses--seeing how she sees herself

  7. This is a beautiful poem for a very special moment in your daughter's life. No wonder you get tears easily.

  8. Audrey,

    A very special moment and indeed, a milestone in life...Love the bookmark idea!!!
    Happy days ahead too...


  9. Beautiful poem. I can relate. Before my daughter got married I was emotional about everything. But it was joyous and has given me grand children. What a treat. It will be so for you too, I'm sure.

  10. This is lovely..I am sure you will shed more tears but, some tears
    are tears of joy in the journey.

  11. My eldest boy is getting married next year too (May), smiles ~ I adore lace on a dress specially a wedding dress ~ Perhaps we can share notes next year, ha ~

  12. What a special moment....such a deep feelings! ~ Blessings:)xx

  13. The shiver of lace is a sound of love

    Can one be faulted to treat it with care. Such exquisite material. No harm shedding tears of love. She is one lucky lass. Best wishes to you Audrey! There'll be a lot on your plate forthwith!


  14. "The walls of you pull me deeper." My goodness gracious, Audrey, you are so talented.

    Have a great week my friend.

  15. A wonderful piece! And may she be happy ever after.....

  16. 'As the walls of you pull me deeper'. So much emotion in this little line of words. Very beautifully written!

  17. Very nice, I like the idea of this one.


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