Morgue File

you surprised me yesterday.

you knew,
much deeper than i,

that once again, i stand in my way

road lead, as they must,
to unexpected places

awkward turns imposing 
their own justice

lying in inexorability.

i have walked,
pushing past obstacles
moving stones.

the clearing of the road
was the thing 
i loved most.

but this stone,
moves me, 

resistance gains me nothing
as stones are inevitable,
each rejoicing in its own truth.

paths are funny that way.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2015

posted for Poet's United


  1. Stones and other impediments are inevitable but often allow us to see things we never would otherwise

  2. This is such an insightful piece..!

  3. I resonate with loving the clearing of the path - and can feel the difference in the stone that moves you "past, around, through." Beautifully written.

  4. Sometimes we do stand in our own way, don't we, Audrey! And sometimes though we wish to clear that road we just can't....stones are in that path, for better or for worse, and sometimes we are better for having experienced them.

  5. So much truth here, and I have tripped over those stones in my path unable to always see or clear them.

  6. Wise words, melodically rendered .... a beautiful evocation of the path to serenity.

  7. Oh how true.. paths are funny that way indeed!

  8. The thought that clearing the road is what's bring us the most joy.. maybe we reach a point were we do not care to much where it leads,

  9. Paths are indeed funny...but must be taken..the image and words really took me down this one

  10. Yes, they are funny that times annoyingly funny, but funny nonetheless. :)

  11. 'stones are inevitable' to make us richer in experiences...a wise and beautiful poem...

  12. stones / obstacles allow to you take a rest. and observe the things around you. appreciating your journey.

  13. "Paths are funny that way" is right! I just this morning had a conversation which held the phrase, "This enlightenment shit is hard work!" Me thinks we agree! ;-)

  14. Stones do have that habit of saying "Look at me, I am beautiful too" Everything needs to be loved. You did the right thing.

  15. Being a trail blazer is a fun thing most of the time.

  16. They are "funny", indeed. And only those who laugh with the joke will survive them, methinks...

  17. Audrey,

    Life is amazing with the impediments it chooses to place in our direction..Sometimes, diverted from a preference in a certain place and time..Staying strong in resolve, leads to the end result..Also seeing stones as distance markers of time and places..

  18. It's such a beautiful thing when someone who loves us can know deeper truths about us than even we might know about ourselves.....and is close enough to us to share them with us.

  19. Your title was like getting home...resistance...I was lately thinking about the line about cleaning the road and that stones moved you...perhaps it was time for theme too :)


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