The You I Hold

The Morgue File
Painted Background

I pin your voice onto the backs of my eyes
corneas etched with words
that feel like magic in the air,
in the red sky of the day.

I want to roll my coat in them,
stuff my pockets with their sounds
so that me who reads them
can always find her place in them.

I fear their fall into gutters,
their mixing with the sweat of the day
until ink runs,
before my eyes can really see.

If I am careful
I can hold them in place,
long enough for the ink to dry,
long enough for me to breathe them in,
long enough for me to remember.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2015

Posted for the Toads Tuesday Platform


  1. It is so hard to keep words imprinted. Even those cherished. Thanks, Audrey. K. Manicddaily

  2. I love poetry because of it you can pin someone's voice to the back of your and I know just what you mean.

  3. This is such fine writing. The anguish to remember beautifully rendered.

  4. Loved the opening line.. sets the tone!

  5. So beautiful...I love your first lines

  6. Oh, nice. So hard to hold on to those.

  7. What an emotive piece. The first line grabs, so does always wanting to find your place in the words as well.

  8. The nicest thing happens when I read your poetry...I take a deep breath and relax. :)

  9. Oh I love this.. the way you transform the spoken words into those words already in the first line.. an excellent extended metaphor.

  10. I pin your voice onto the backs of my eyes
    corneas etched with words

    The yearning of wanting to be remembered to become part of the memories is always a noble thing. It helps foster positive feelings. Classic opening lines Audrey!


  11. Such wonderful poetry Audrey. Enjoyed this.

  12. Beautiful! Love the way you have expressed!


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