Mercy, a Forgotten Language

The Morgue File

the sinking of things feels old to me
weight upon water
a tendency toward disappearance.

if i could
i would advocate
so that lost feelings could reattach somewhere
on recognisable terrain

but my mouth is clamped
and my soul silent
its language forgotten.

eyes open to the shimmer overhead
the light can be blinding
to those who see

Very rough piece today--At Poet's United we are writing about mercy.  I am not even sure if this is the beginning of one poem or several--but this is what came out of me as I thought about mercy today.

Copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2015


  1. Such depth & passion in this piece :D I love the subtle hint to mercy as a forgotten language.
    Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  2. ooooo--disappearance or dismemberment and re-emergence--a new language might be needed when the old sticks in our throats or no longer works. I'm reminded of the phrase "Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater."

    1. Hopefully, I/We don't! But yes, a new language might be needed

  3. "The light can be blinding to those who see." That line really speaks to me. I can feel the heaviness of recent events weighing on our consciousness as we struggle to hold on to our values and beliefs. Ultimately, that is the best response to ISIS, I believe. They want a return of violence for violence.

  4. yes when hatred rears its ugly head, the pain is so intense that words and feelings fail us we are bottled up in awe bruised and semi conscious

    Thanks for dropping in at my blog to read mine

    much love...

  5. so that lost feelings could reattach somewhere... loved that.. a very wise poem Audrey!

  6. Love the 2nd stanza Audrey! Yes, it gives a semblance of karmic consequence,righting itself when given a chance later. This is always the case with emotions.


  7. Forgiveness is a virtue which only a few possess.

  8. It is easier to sink than see the light - the latter requires humanity, effort, courage and conviction - i see that clearly in this poem

  9. I think this is a complete poem Audrey. It comes from your soul, and reflects the difficulty in seeing the light, in being merciful.

  10. Most creative. Just my thoughts for the first verse - the sinking of things feels ancient to me weight upon water a tendency to fade away.

  11. You may call it "rough," but I really like this. Somehow it hits me in a way that makes me nod in agreement.

  12. Loved it, Audrey!

    Mercy is invisible these days. Blame it on ego or sheer ignorance. You portrayed it well :)

  13. I hope that several poems stem off the root of this poem. It leaves one gasping for air...

  14. Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes the soul IS just silent, & the mouth clamped, as one waits for the words & wonders just where is the mercy in it all.

  15. Yes, the part about dismemberment especially spoke to me...causes me to think about how parts of being make compassion impossible...really thought-provoking, Audrey.

  16. Intense and powerful - though given the state of mercy these days - a raw, truly veracious rendering

  17. Mercy, as many have said ,is a rare quality in our society intent on destruction.

  18. Yes, the second stanza in particular is strong and profound. I keep reading it. I like the rawness of emotion in your poem.

  19. How well this applies to our modern world, where mercy is a language forgotten by hardened souls... Well-penned!


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