The Poet's Breath

i met you in the sun

you wrote your poetry
on clouds
blue on white
a daisy, your pen

until grey streaks pushed
your kind aside
deeper and deeper
into the edges
pulling petals apart
a litany to tiny ends

the wilt of a berry
on your breast
rebirth          it's red
this new ink
the leaves your pages

poetry, your breath.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2016

posted for poets united


  1. And then there was the kiss. The kiss of this

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL - an outstanding piece of poetry and a fav - for me - of your work!

  3. Foul weather can be most disturbing! But perhaps it is meant to remind us that life is always survived with a good sense of balance. It cannot be always good or always bad! Great thoughts Audrey!


  4. It's easy to get lost in the clouds and the Daisy one but I hadn't thought of our poetry/words ageing too. Of course they must and they surely take us through dark skies at times. I hope we always have a few blue sky mental though..what a wonderful breath

  5. "Poetry, your breath." How beautiful, Audrey!

  6. Poetry - your breath! It definitely feels like that sometime, doesn't it?

  7. litany to tiny ends... beautifully written!

  8. How beautifully you have expression your passion for poetry even though you can see that it changes you.

  9. nothing expresses so viscerally as poems do, just as this poem of yours

  10. Poetry is like air indeed... breath

  11. This is soo incredibly passionate!! 💖💖

  12. Sometimes it is the poetry that breathes life into us! It seems you have found a way to inhale and exhale.

  13. I'm sighing contentedly at the beauty of your words here, Audrey xx

  14. Nice - right into the heat of poetry.

    Thanks for your encouraging comments today.


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