The Price of Gold

Flame Artwork by Audrey Howitt

on the advice of counsel
he threads lies with metallic colors
twisting them into Gordian knots of deceit
to make them more attractive
to starved eyes.

he sits on glittering mountains
counts gold
with sinful fingers, as he
pulls himself up to view the horizon
eyes shaded against the pale light.

overcome by his own beauty,
he fails to see

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2017


  1. This is a brilliant articulation of something I have been giving quite a bit of thought to lately, and that is: the egocentric personality. Life on planet earth, is all about them and they are out for everything they can get, regardless of the collateral damage. They seem to be everywhere, these days. Are they multiplying? They are impossible human beings and I fear, their mad proliferation is a bad, bad thing, for all of humankind.

    1. We live in dark times really--I have been thinking about this metaphor for a while now--glad you liked it!

  2. In this you have captured the convoluted dilemma. This is so clever.

  3. I have a customer I write for, a multi-millionaire in Texas..worth about $100 million. I asked him why, at sixty, he still works so hard, starts new companies...what drives him...what is his motivation? He said he just likes to win. I have nothing to say to that. I have no frame of reference.

  4. Interesting and most creative poetry. Enjoyed. Actually reminded me of The Beatles song The Fool on the Hill.

  5. Overcome by his own beauty, he fails to see...He is blinded by his own worth.


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