It’s time.
Put down your guns,
your anger.
In this time of death neither helps.
Dominoes fall one by one
until they become a sea
washing up on an empty shore

It’s time.
Handle each with care,
wash away the hard breaths
that fill the end
tears are warm.
Help them remember,
one hand on another

It’s time.
Let them go,
the wind will carry
all we need.
Bind wounds,
remember our job
is to care for each other.

Copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2021

I have just started writing again after a long absence. May we all find peace and healing this year. 

Stay safe everyone



  1. Beautiful message! Welcome back, my friend. Your talent has been missed.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Bill! This has been a hard year so I am glad that I feel moved to write again. I wasn't sure that would happen again.

  2. Lovely to read you, Audrey. Glad you are back. Yes, so much needs healing, everywhere you look. Glad it is a new year. Take care and stay safe!

    1. Sherry! Thank you! You as well- I looked long and hard at moving to Tofino is Trump was re-elected-- I can't figure out how to do it--and not that Canada wants any Americans right now--but Tofino reminds me so much of the place I grew up--

  3. Happy New Year! May this year be better and brighter for us all. Wonderful verse.

  4. Thanks for this gentle reminder that there are ways other than guns to change our world.

  5. You've certainly chosen a wise write for your return! Hopefully the world listens.

  6. Yes, it's time to put down anger, but it's not easy, nor do many want to. Gun, yes, put those down for goodness sake! They won't help calm anyone down!

  7. It certainly is time! After all the screaming at each other, we must remember our voices can also be used for soothing one another. I hope we take a breath... and begin the healing time.

  8. Beautifully expressed! And so important.

    I've missed you; lovely to see your poetry again.

  9. Beautiful hopeful and wise message My favourite line 'the wind will carry
    all we need.'

  10. I do hope for healing to start, but people have to be serious about it enough to stop inflicting damage to each other.

  11. Oh, from your mouth (ie pen) to everyone's ear. Well said.

  12. What a great piece to announce your return . A really beautiful poem.


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