Friday, November 5, 2010

Night's Song

Whisper to me from the eaves of your soul
Touch your breath upon my lips and
Make my skin sing the song of appeasement.

I feel the leaves rustle overhead in the canopy of stars
And in the breath of night.
Sweet the fragrance of stars dripping yellow and pink
upon the fertile landscape below.

Hold my feet fast to your heart to let me feel the thrum of you.
Guide my hand to the earth and let her part under my fingertips.

The verdant night bestows all of her numinous grace upon me.
Sleep, oh moon upon my eyes,
Soft in your waxing and waning upon the imprint of my soul.

Copyright 2010 Audrey Howitt

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two's A Crowd

Without my notice,
your way steals into my being
and crowds out the sense of me
that I hang onto, so tenuously.

What padlock do you turn
without my seeing it?

What words do you utter
without my hearing them?

Why do I let you come in so far
and leave myself so far behind?

Leave me, for I cannot house the two of us

2010 Copyright Audrey Howitt