Thursday, April 5, 2012


  My flowers are beautiful, technique mixte, 2003 par Jean-Philippe Carpentier

my world is small,
a package no bigger than
a shoebox,
tightly wrapped
in the tones of grey paint.
i would rather,
a pale peach
or sea foam.
and so color swatches
hang on my refrigerator
suspended by brightly colored
button magnets.
i shuffle them
according to my mood.
today I have noticed how well
sea foam and pale lavender
look together--
the flower and the stalk--
so soothing.
and so, my magnets have arranged
but I am already eyeing
a pale peach and cream combo.
how does one decide
on the colors
to wrap oneself up in?
perhaps my magnets will decide for me.
paint by default.
one thing is certain,
there are no swatches of grey.

copyright/all rights reserved April 5, 2012 Audrey Howitt 

Shared with Dverse 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Symphonic Sound of Silence

Toxo, "Flores No.1" de la serie "Objetos dispersos" de Xulio Formoso

Child’s pose


                   The hiss (of wind in the eaves)
                   The lull (when it stops)

                    The scrape (of squirrel’s claw on roof)
                   And scratch (still looking for nuts on the roof)
                   The clink (water dripping into a cup)  

                   The hum (of ancient refrigerator)
                   The whir (it stops, is this a good thing)
                   The murmur (voices next door)
                   The ting (cell phone alerts)
                   The rustle (wind in the leaves)

The silence is thick with sound.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012 

sharing with Dverse and the the poetry pantry