My flowers are beautiful, technique mixte, 2003 par Jean-Philippe Carpentier

my world is small,
a package no bigger than
a shoebox,
tightly wrapped
in the tones of grey paint.
i would rather,
a pale peach
or sea foam.
and so color swatches
hang on my refrigerator
suspended by brightly colored
button magnets.
i shuffle them
according to my mood.
today I have noticed how well
sea foam and pale lavender
look together--
the flower and the stalk--
so soothing.
and so, my magnets have arranged
but I am already eyeing
a pale peach and cream combo.
how does one decide
on the colors
to wrap oneself up in?
perhaps my magnets will decide for me.
paint by default.
one thing is certain,
there are no swatches of grey.

copyright/all rights reserved April 5, 2012 Audrey Howitt 

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  1. Like the way you took a stand for no grey.

  2. Beautiful. My magnets all seem to want to congregate together... all the time LOL
    Lovely imagery, vivid in colour anddddd no grey ;)

  3. Like that you say no to grey..may you always have colorful days!

  4. "there are no swatches of grey" - I like that mentality! Cool poem. I like the thought of rearranging the colored magnets.

  5. smiles...i like the bright colors you are choosing...and make no doubt you are choosing and def dont choose the grey...i like this...

  6. I love sea-foam to , however I never thought of it with lavender. thanks for the inspired color theme and the great read too.

  7. As a color addict, I'm always happy to find color in poetry. And I'm with you...forget the grey.

  8. I love using colours in my writes as you have.... (noticed how I spelt colour lol)

    1. Hi A--I have noticed that you love using colors in your writes! Cheers!

  9. I like that...I think colors speak a lot of our disposition and outlook towards life ~

    Cheers and thanks for your kind words in my blog ~

  10. I really like this... my colors are much brighter as the winter chill fades away.

  11. I can see all these beautiful hues, love the sea foam and lavender!

  12. Very nice Audrey. Love the recurring objects in the piece and the use of color and the reflection upon the magnets is very creative. Very nice. Thanks

  13. Vivid and beautiful write!

  14. Inspirational! My son's inlaws had paint swatches on their fridge for ten years, so when they were away after Christmas my son and his wife painted their entire house. When they came in his mother in law screamed, she was so shocked! I think she was overdue....

  15. Hi Audrey, I'm feeling that this goes a bit deeper than the surface shows. Your first few lines really lead me that way and I'm feeling this has to do with the borders we set and maintain for ourselves even when we are not satisfied with them...or something along those lines. Love the way you've explored your theme!

    1. Thank you Emma! It does! It really does speak to my struggle with old demons and how I work to stay healthy and vibrant in the now--

  16. Magnets, refrigerators, and colour - but banish the greys! For some reason, that pastel rainbow on your refrigerator makes me smile.

    1. Thank you so much for the read and comments Semaphore! Greatly appreciated!

  17.'s good to get rid of that grey that surrounds us all too often..and just bring some color into our lives...however we do this...made me smile as well..

  18. This was so nice...just really well placed and thoughtful words- amazing how such an everday thing can be painted into a metaphor for everyday life. I lvoed how you touched on the small thoughts- such as the the appeal of the colours sitting together- and teh edning was so positive- it actually MADE me feel good...great write

  19. apologies for TERRIBLE spelling!

  20. Love the metaphor in this. Love the way you are arranging the colors of your life and of your spirit as well. But as for me - I will keep my exteriors gray, the better to see and not be seen methinks. Lovely poem!

  21. A great poem. Loved the colorful theme and, I do, like no grey.


  22. We can paint a pretty picture any time, right? Beautiful placement and no grey. That's the key! :)

  23. Small world... The best things coming in small packages... You balance your palette of words well

  24. Those sound like Ouija board colors, but of sweetest pale mystery.

    I LOVE colors!!


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