Storm Warnings

slanted rain fits mood
even the trees bend to its will

hollowed burls suffice
for squirrels and birds

when, too brazen for the wind
they report the weather

by absence

copyright Audrey Howitt 2019
first published in Total Eclipse Poetry and Prose, Issue 1 June 2019

Posted for Poets United Pantry


  1. Touche on that ending. Unexpected and so quotable. Never thought of it like that.

  2. ha well even the animals know when the weather is bad. It's raining here so gloomy. I don't see any sign of a bird or squirrel.

  3. On the west coast, when the gulls all sit in a group facing the sea, we know a storm is coming. I love your poem, and that birds predict the weather.

  4. This is wonderful Audrey! Yes animals have an extra sense to weather and a certain wisdom to what to do.

  5. When squirrels and birds hide, one knows it is going to be a bad one!

  6. A beautifully crafted poem … and the nuanced layers to the close of the piece, truly take it to another level.

  7. Love this. I wanted to curl up in that burl with the squirrels and birds. Your words and phrasing are so beautifully balanced. I agree with Bill, a master of minimalism, and I love it!

  8. This is amazingly beautiful, Audrey! ❤️ You are a master of micro poetry!

  9. Love the close ! Beautifully done!

  10. Oh, that last line kinda pierces, it is at once so startling and so apt.

  11. Whammo! Take all the positive comments thus far, then multiply by 2.


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