Kodachrome Love

I have a penchant for sweetness
Sliding between tongue and gum
The cool kind
Not too intrusive
Carrying the fruit of some berry or another
Which slips toward me slowly
In celluloid dreams of my childhood
In sepia tints
Dotted  with the bright reds of summer fruit
Dripping down chin

With the faded blue of skies
In the clean slide of Kodachrome

The fading sepia
Fails to show the whiteness of my toddler hair
Or the shining black curls
Of my father’s head
As he holds me in his lap
And I turn adoring eyes in his direction
Smearing a bright red dot
On his snappy new shirt I suspect

The tint softens the memories
And sets them.
Love, a bloom
Of red promises.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

posted for dVerse 


  1. oh, this is beautiful, and poignant, and rich in imagery. i love it.

  2. what wonderful details you have shared here, audrey. very sweet poem.

  3. poignant and rich indeed! I particularly liked, "In celluloid dreams of my childhood". Was nice to see this up on dVerse, Audrey! :)

  4. wow...love hte bit on the things the sepia does not capture...the vivid details that only memory can bring...being there in that moment...beautiful reminisce audrey...happy new year to you

  5. A lovely childhood memory ~ thanks for sharing Audrey and

    Happy New Year to you ~

  6. wow...your imagery is so lush and uplifting..love the aura of this.... the resonance. truly poetic.
    Happy New Year to you~

  7. this is soooo lovely, Audrey!

    hoping 2013 brings you all you need and at least some of what you want!

  8. Love the imagery, Audrey! Just beautiful. Happy new year.

  9. vivid, vivid memory of a particular moment - & the language so rich it placed me there

  10. Lovely, nostalgic... Happy New Year!

  11. You have captured nostalgia perfectly...love the way you did this. Happy New Year to you Audrey!

  12. Ah. Such a poignant poem - I love the way the colors fade and strengthen - some so vivid, some stained - really interesting how memory works and how evocative things like taste are. The fruits stay with us! Very lovely. k.

  13. How true!! The edges of memory soften and blur and if we are lucky, only the love and goodness remains. Loved this poem!

  14. i want some berries now...smiles..this is beautiful...love the Kodachrome and the memories and the inclusion of taste...very cool

  15. Evocative and very well observed. Loved it.

  16. such great memories and well described in all their gum chewing loveliness!

  17. Gorgeous, rose colors whether in glasses, in a smear of childhood berry juice, or in the sweetness of a sugar drop slimming and sliding in her mouth. A lovely layered piece!

  18. A very pleasing representation of captured memory. I like the payoff of the final stanza.

  19. Sweet images of childhood past...whether Kodachrome or just imprints stored in our memory, still lovely to behold.
    Nice piece.


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