Sleepless Circadian

wikimedia commons
Mitch Featherston

the tension of sound
competing for silence

ears prick
assaulted by thump of bass

attention mitigated
by circadian rhythms blown
adrift in a sea outside myself

watching the tick
until eyes close
and tidal currents
pull again

toward the haze
and the drift
and the dream

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013

posted for Poets United Poetry Pantry 131


  1. Wonderful write. Lovely imagery

  2. Oh this is the feel and the flow of it Audrey. Wonderful write.

  3. Lovely and gentle write ~ I like the drifting to the dream ~

  4. This is beautiful, Audrey!

    Loved it.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Audrey,

    There is nothing better than the moment when sleep and dreams finally arrive...Outside the scope of noises...
    Very soft and peaceful..


  6. There is a beautiful atmosphere to this poem, Audrey....a lovely rhythm as well. My favorite stanza is the last!

  7. "Toward the haze and the drift and the dream...." love it!

  8. Circadian rhythms reminds me of a R.E.M. song - such a beautiful phrase.

  9. it has that precisely quality of a drowsy half-asleep, half-awakened trance.beautifully crafted.

  10. "attention mitigated
    by circadian rhythms blown
    adrift in a sea outside myself"

    Outstanding verse! Kudos.

  11. I have read this six times over the past two days and it gives something new each time. A poem to be proud of.


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