Cantos For the Dead

Wikimedia Art Commons
La verdadera sonrisa del agua", de Héctor Valdivia. acrílico s/masonite 2014 colección particular

My garden feasts upon detritus
left behind.
outcasts mold their companions
from fractured bones and algae 

to walk among the dead,
their dreams a foretelling
of sunsets decried
by voices blistered.

growing roots through trees,
birds flutter, wings made of glass,
songs muted on pan pipe drifts.

Were it not so quiet,
i would build fences,
but the dead seldom speak,
they are busy with each other.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2021


  1. Such a mysterious flavor to fall into.

  2. Really stunning observations of how life and death flow into one another.

  3. Such an intriguing Ekphrastic poem
    Happy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by my blog today Audrey


  4. Poetry and art .... beautifully matched. Cheers.

  5. Lovely, and thought-provoking. Why cantos rather than stanzas, I wondered; but when I treated each verse as a separate section of the poem rather than an uninterrupted flow, that made me linger over each and savour it, lending a very satisfying feeling to the whole.

  6. Very nicely done! I enjoyed reading this.

  7. A great poem where nature, dead and waste seem intertwined

  8. Detritus all over, I hope you had your wellies on when walking around.
    Almost as stinky as duck manure.
    Nice to see you again, thank you for peeking in and for the nice comment.


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