The Unsure Path

The Morguefile
by Remaa

forgotten words kindle embers
that no longer find me 
in night's inky coolness

now I set my heart aside
wait for you to find yourself here
an icon breathing prayer
near my veins

each beat of you,
your eyes knowing me
and the child 
gathering inside you each day 

the coins I use to barter for life
have found their way into your pocket

are we not all one
my mama always said

spend wisely

copyright/all rights reserved 2021 Audrey Howitt


  1. From start to finish, a masterpiece of poetic splendor. I am jealous and I am in awe, my friend.

  2. I love the message in this beautifully penned poem .... indeed, spend wisely.

  3. A wise mother and a lucky child. Some truths are essential to know when we are just starting. And best remember as we go on...

  4. All one, yes ... and that can be in a progression. Lovely!

  5. Luv the kindling of good advice.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog



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