The Morguefile

open the pantry door sister
go ahead, make a decision

open or closed
it's all the same to me

little to teethe on
some dry crust
a couple of dented cans you shouldn't touch
best by dates ten months gone now.

does flour last forever?
I hear the weevils get it
when you leave it alone too long.

can I make an independence cake
out of what is left? 
Lord knows I need one.

recipes tell me I need a quart of brandy and twenty pounds of flour
the rest is just for fun.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2021


  1. Hard times, tough times, we do what we must to survive...reminds me of the Great Depression. Perhaps we are in the Great Depression Part 2 right now. Let's hope we find our way out of it soon. Lovely work, my friend, albeit sad and dark. That's okay, I do dark too. :)

  2. Your words somehow filled my mind with the song MacArthur Park and I could recite word for word I left the cake out in the rain and it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again. I think as life goes on we each have some kind of recipe we follow and often times something get lost along the way or we cannot remember one of the main ingredients, Life is that way.

  3. Great work Audrey. Short, powerful and packs a punch.

  4. I have taught myself to beat the weevils and make bread. I wonder how many have filled their pantries with way too much food...


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