Has there ever been a time
When your hand did not touch me,
When your shadow did not cross mine in the sunlight?

Of me and yet not.
I have railed against you,
Medicated against you,
Lost myself in alcoholic stupors,
Pressed knife against flesh
Before I cried out
Blazing in fury,
White hot in the darkness.

Your face returns with the inevitability of the sun
And the tears fall.
You catch them with a finger,
Ready to flick them away,
Inconsequential, the known litany of sadness.

Burnt away, the shell of anger,
Surrendered to your constancy.
Softness remains.
The permeable door.

Enter again
My constant companion.
Take up your vigil.
Sit with me,
I have saved a seat for you.

© 2011 Audrey Howitt


  1. Excellent piece. We could talk a long time..



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