The Disposition of a Crone

Elf Witch originally made for by Danny Hennesy ca 2006 for Danny Hennesy´s great fantasy game

I have a penchant for stately, graceful words,
the artful turn of phrase.

the sheer beauty of imagery washes 
over me.

words stick
make salve,
while I cozy up to a stanza or two.

there is another part
anxious and brittle
largely untapped

which rarely sits still long enough
to access.

I want to unwrap it
before the paper wedges too tightly,
hear the crinkle of it as it is removed,

              and breathe-----

I want to take off the clothes that bind me-----
yell fuck to the wind-----
and howl at the moon----

crones just aren’t nice.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012 

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For those of you who have read this already, I apologize! I am getting ready to go to Europe (YAY!!), and have international guests here while I a gone (YIKES!!)-


  1. Love the ending here. I totally know all about the second stanza. Great write. Thanks

  2. Love this! Sometimes I want to howl at the moon. :)

  3. WOW! Didn't see where this was going, and loved the finale! (I'm a singer, too, so I love the "divalounger" reference... but "recovering attorney" had me giggling!)

    I understand every word. I'm 55, greying nicely, and in pretty good shape for a older broad (in every sense of the word). I'm ready to let me crone flag fly, I'm gonna wear purple, and if I take my clothes off, it's probably because I'm having a hot flash! Yeah, yell fuck at the wind... great stuff, will forward link to some of my friends. Thanks, Audrey! Amy

  4. Haha.... Loved this! Don't we all want to yell F**k to the wind and howl at the moon sometimes....LOL
    Fabulous write :)

  5. Good to read your words. I haven't encountered the grumpy crone yet. ;-)

  6. i will give you a hell yeah on that i sometimes like a good howl and finger raised to the piece...

  7. Oh yeah!!! Love this! Sometimes the graceful needs an edge, so love this :) xoxo

  8. I am shouting and yelling along with you ~ Enjoyed the piece ~ Have fun in your trip to Europe ~

    1. Thank you Heaven--we leave in a couple of weeks and I am in performance until the night before so I am a bit crazed-

  9. Love this and have fun in Europe.

  10. You'll find lots of kindred spirits "over there" - they'll howl (and drink) with you. This piece made me smile! Loved it.

  11. Sing it sister! They may not always be nice...but they are oh so wise with every single brownie point well earned! I LOVED this Mz.Diva :)

  12. i am totally with you on this one, howling at the moon is the best....

    here's to crones :)

  13. I idientified with a lot of this. & that ending... honestly hilarious!

  14. LOL howl away and have a great trip.

  15. You are so fucking right, dearie. Loved it, and I am one picky crone.

  16. Ha! Wonderful! A surprise and good one. k.

  17. haha...well penned...I can wrap myself
    and cozy up against a stanza or two of beauty any time as well...smiles

  18. I love the idea of this. I have heard so much about this aspect of the Anima. It intrigues me, to say the least. You've really put some meat on those bones that represent my understanding of her! :)

  19. excellent ending, Audrey. One of your best!


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