Time's Loom

i sit at the loom of time’s dense fields
and push the shuttle of decision through threads
blinked crimson and yellow
by the ephemeral guard of my identity

so very slowly
cloth forms
unexpectedly long
this time

like a patch
left undarned
threads fraying
in chaotic discord

i pick up the tiniest threads
and link them together
in a small
secure sliding
a reweaving
and I notice
that edges have smoothed
their sheen visible

it has been four years since
my youngest left for college
people tell me she is now launched
that i have achieved something

i had expected months maybe
a whittling of time
with intensity
a brittleness

last night i awoke
from a dream
the red and yellow complement and surround
each holding the other in space
in time
and i realized the cloth
is almost whole now
almost done

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

Shared with Poets United Poetry Pantry  and Dverse


  1. Really enjoyed the metaphor of this, Audrey, and the idea of pushing the shuttle of decision through threads evokes a wonderful image. And the interpretation of the dream in the last stanza is breath-taking.

  2. This is a truly lovely read Audrey. It is a beautiful patchwork quilt of love and life.

    1. My youngest is visiting and going back to college next week--a piece of me will go with her

  3. really great opening...the pushing of the shuttle through time...then the watching of your child go off to college...and then your dream and realising the cloth almost complete..wow that gave me a shiver...

  4. From your opening metaphor, I was captured by both image and words: the tapestry of light and shade, colour and texture that makes this life we live.

  5. Hiya Audrey,
    As a professional hand weaver, I really appreciate this poem. Wonderful the way you have used shuttle and dyepot to create this.

  6. WOW!!!!!! I love the idea of "Time's Loom", and the simultaneous development and near completion of both the tapestry and the life......."almost whole now. Almost done." Simply brilliant.

  7. Wonderful poem! I too was floored by the line, "push the shuttle of decision through threads." I liked the alliteration of T sounds and TH sounds throughout... kind of like the ticking of the clock during a great weave.

    1. Thank you Nan! I so your comment--I hadn't thought much about the alliteration actually (said she confessionally) but when I went back and looked at it again--it is there--

  8. I like the use of the cloth and reweaving of threads to connote passing of time ~ I hope that though its complete, there is still other cloth to be worked on ~ We must keep ourselves busy ~

  9. Wonderful, powerful poem! Great metaphors. I don't have any children, so I feel strange echoing the sentiments above, but you've really painted a feeling here. :)

  10. Audrey,

    A most delightful read and image. The phase of life when the family move on to make their own marks and their own journey. I understand this so well having had four children:)


  11. I love the rich metaphors woven throughout this write. I think my favorite bit of this piece may be the first stanza, I found that particularly good. Thanks for the lovely read!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Much appreciated!

  12. I find it very fitting that re-weaving is done by an ephemeral guard. Constant flux until completion...

  13. The satisfaction of having nurtured the family into adulthood is now literally woven into a fabric of wholeness. Nicely written!


  14. Wow. The weaving and its colors, re patching, sheen, length--all of it, took my fancy. I've often thought of life as painting on a canvass, but not as a lovely scarf, rug, or blanket. That would be something to leave behind, warm and useful. Do not end it too soon. Remember how Ulysses' Penelope pulled out some to weave again? The main character in the novel "Like Water for Chocolate" just kept on going!

    1. So funny you should mention Penelope--I did think about her as I was writing this

  15. Dear Weaver of words and memories.....

    Congrats on your daughter, another gem in your gorgeous life tapestry, I'm sure.

    And your button is now up on my site, I loved your sunset interpretation I was able to design it from.


    1. Thank you Jannie--and you being your so very talented self!!!

  16. As a mum with a young daughter, I can understand your feelings, Audrey, and I love how you have expressed your emotions, the process of weaving life accepting the result, her leaving, with a generous heart.
    it has been four years since
    my youngest left for college

    Our task is teaching our children how to fly properly, not cutting their wings.
    Hopeful and precious end.

    1. Thank you Dulcina--it was an adjustment--and yes, I think the end is hopeful--there is another part of myself that I have discovered.

  17. Audrey,

    Thank you for your very kind comments left at my Blog, Beyond Confines,
    http://beyondconfines.blogspot.co.uk/ regarding my poem Shades of Intrigue. I appreciate your comments very much:)
    I have added your Blog, so that I can keep in touch with your words and poems as well.

    Best Wishes, Eileen


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