For Helene

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Small twin girls in front of 1911 Buick roadster
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i hold the memory of you
close inside,
a paper swan
folded long ago
when we were both small
and trying new things,
feeling as though
we had all the time in the world.

youth blazed strong in us then.
you were my mirror
and in you i saw my own
heart shining fiercely.

time and distance
has forced each of us
to seek out different
mirrors of the soul,
but i still hold the breath of you
every time my eyes
find that swan atop my piano.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013


  1. what a connection between the two of you eh? and it def sounds like one that has lasted even your being apart....seeing yourself in them...a cool tribute to what you two have/had

  2. mm... we had all the time in the world.. that was a great feeling :)
    i loved the third verse, the memories we hold although we go our own ways.

  3. This is such a touching poem, "I still hold the breath of you close" what a beautiful line. Outstanding write!

  4. Really powerful, especially "I hold the breath of you close"....and the paper swan has survived the years, the moves, the!

  5. I love this. "a paper swan folded long ago" is such a lovely, sweet image. Beautiful poem Audrey!

  6. So, so beautiful ... love never dies but sometimes changes a bit.

  7. A friendship for the Ages....perfectly stated, Audrey. No matter what we always have our memories. Well done!

  8. This was just lovely Audrey. Enjoyed. The imagery is fantastic. Passing it on.

  9. Fantastic phoeto and beautiful poem - one thinks of swans in the mirror of water especially. k.

  10. Audrey, this is beautififul. I love memory poems, and this is one of the best. We can be so thankful for our memories, can't we?

  11. It all orbits around the paper swan folded long ago. The poem reminds me of one I wrote after my brothers died about living in postcards and how they put their paper thin arms around me.

  12. I love this on so many levels! Swans, memories, divided by distance and time...the stuff that beautiful poetry is made of, and this was one of the most wonderfully constructed. Really hit close to home! Thank you!

  13. Beautiful creation!
    a beautiful bond
    reflecting each others' soul
    image of white swan

  14. Audrey, this is so poignant and gorgeous! It rings so true for me too.

  15. Absolutely warming to the heart. Beautiful!

  16. Such a fabulous poem and heart warming!


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