City of Secrets

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 Madonna des Kanonikus Georg van der Paele, Detail: Bibel und Brille des Kanonikus
Jan van Eyck

I sit in the city of secrets

Chasing midnight dreams,

The sacrilege of smiles,

As lost as scars held tightly

On the shadow’s river.

The ghosts of spirits dance next to me,

Their first dance

Calibrated to end at black desire.

The devil dons her diadem

Seeking the restoration of urban fantasies

Milking a bit of death along the way

Out in the unincorporated zone

On a cold fired road.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013

I was waiting for jury duty in the county library--and made this up from book titles I saw on display in front of me. 

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  1. How cool is that? And a fabulous way to pass the time. I love the diversity scattered wove the titles beautifully.

  2. ha. cool. next time i do it i need to head to the library and give it a wove these together well to tell a story....

  3. I agree: really cool. What a poetic eye/spirit you have to have thought of that. Enjoyed!

  4. This is very clever, Audrey. I'm impressed by what you did with miscellaneous titles. Just a bit eerie, in keeping with the season. Smiles.

  5. A great combination of titles. I like the supernatural tone.

  6. "Chasing midnight dreams" - love this line.... it seems to me midnight dreams are different than those in the morning. much more hopeful and daring.

  7. Very interesting titles ~ Creative weaving, enjoyed this Audrey ~

  8. VERY COOL, and nowhere better than a library to find great titles!

  9. Love the way you have woven titles into this extraordinary poem, especially "chasing midnight dreams", wow!

  10. How cool you created this from book titles ... weaving them so well ... very creative! :)

  11. So creative. I created and did crossword puzzles while watching the minutes creep.

  12. Clever writing. Aren't we all chasing dreams!? Well-written.


  13. A most creative and fantastic journey. Enjoyed.

  14. I love your word combos here - this is full, rich writing.

  15. Very creative and great use of words!

  16. I sit in the city of had me fascinated from the very first line and bravo for understanding the importance of a hook in literature. Well done, Audrey!

  17. what a rich way to pass the time.
    very creative and cool.
    actually, i see a theme in those words : the dangers of the city at night. (that's me and my imagination) :)

  18. so creative Audrey... I love this one "As lost as scars held tightly"

  19. Audrey,

    I like the originality of your notion and the interesting result!!!
    Thanks for your kind words at my new Blog.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. A great surreal poem for October! May I share this on my blog?

    Ann Marcaida


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