A Fork in the Road

Irises, Van Gogh

she read my cards once
when i was a tall willowy blond of 20

and told me that two roads were open to me

one based on my looks

and one not

and that each held its consequences


happiness was to be found

only on one of these.

choices are good.

i only look back sometimes

to recall that fork in my path.

i took the one less trod upon

i'll leave you to guess which.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014 

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  1. I suspect from what I know of your through your words, you made the wise choice. Looks just don't endure, as we who've been around a bit know so well!

  2. Oh we were on the same wavelength! This is wonderful, Audrey. And judging from the richly fulfilling and wonderful life you have today, I know you took the right path!

  3. Very neat! But I still believe we come to more than one fork in the road, and if you were beauty queen then you could still have made another choice since. If you were something else then, consider the beauty marks of aging. Just saying. Or does prescience let you know that the path you are one will be your path for the rest of time?

  4. good on you taking the one...there is little happiness on the one based on looks cause it changes pretty fast...ha...the superficial carries little happiness...and our choices def carry consequences...

  5. Love this! Life is a series of choices, isn't it. Often, the smallest change in direction can alter the course dramatically. And some times, there are major alternatives to be grappled with. I suspect you have navigated the twists and turns along your path, thoughtfully and with the self knowledge of a poet. Smiles.

  6. to find happiness one has to make the right choice...good that you did it...

  7. On hindsight one would feel most blessed for having taken the better choice! Nicely Audrey!


  8. I'm pretty happy with my choice of path; I suspect you are as well. Now it is time to work; I have had my breakfast of beauty with your words.

  9. Nicely written..I like how you include the reader so much..i am sure the best choice was made

  10. I echo the others. At some level, choices are judged by outcomes, and you seem to be doing both good and well.
    Steve K.

  11. One less travelled? Means you are happy, because it required the efforts, which give us much joy...

  12. Interesting about the two choices. I think that a choice based on looks alone would be one which might give 'happiness' for a while, but eventually it would feel kind of shallow if that was all that life was based on. As I look back on my life, I encountered a lot of forks....ha...but none based on looks, I don't think. LOL.

  13. Somehow you convey which one without spelling it out, and we all applaud your wisdom. :)

  14. Happiness based on looks? Oh lord! That would be fleeting indeed. Very cool the way you did this Audrey.

  15. Enjoyed this and it is so true that at times it is the wisest choice to go our own way and not the way of others.

  16. very eloquent write that reminds us that life is composed of a steady string of choices...decisions. thought provoking and lovely!

    stacy lynn mar

  17. i really love your thought-provoking poetry, Audrey.

  18. it's nice to look back and know you took the right turn.
    continue enjoying the road you chose.

  19. I read a quote today that reminds us of choices. Life is not left up to chance but is a result of the consequences of our choices and I think you chose wisely.

  20. I haven't seen that painting by Van Gogh before, it's pretty!

    We will pick the right path to go if we know what lays ahead..I am glad you got lucky!


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