Past Promises

Hand einer Seniorin

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on the verge
i saw it
still in the calm
between us

it was fleeting
moving past me
as i blinked
my lashes

without fully realizing it
opening my eyes
the tension of us
it sat
in small letters
that only
i could hear

reach out your hand
i was here all along

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

Happy Holidays to all! May you all find the peace you seek.

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  1. What a wonderful closeness in that last line Audrey.. that is what we need much more of.

  2. If we would all just reach out our hands, what a wonderful world it would be.

  3. I like those last lines and that you refrained from saying who talked the words, leaving us to provide the answer for ourselves.

  4. oh that is beautiful audrey...the promise of a helping and comforting hand when we need it most.. wishing you a merry christmas...

  5. That last line was a beautiful end to the poem...that hand that represents help and hope...lovely!

  6. There is something comforting about the ending:
    reach out your hand
    i was here all along

    Merry Christmas to you too Audrey ~

  7. A wonderful build to a satisfying ending!

  8. Wonderful to find what you did not know you had--very lovely the way this focus tightens. Have a great holiday, Audrey. k.

  9. Subtle, gradual build-up and just the right amount of ambiguity and clarity in the last lines. Gorgeous!

  10. Funny how love can gradually disappear in a relationship and rear its lovely head.. at the most unexpected moments of joy.. in pain...:)

    Happy Holidays and and an always well now..:)

  11. That was just lovely...reach out your hand, indeed. :) Merry Christmas, my friend.

  12. The concept of saying something shyly "in small letters" rocked my socks, Audrey. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  13. This was wonderful Audrey. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. Oh I like the comforting tone in this. Nicely wrought, Audrey.

  15. NOTE...I am ill with a bad virus, & can barely type, so pardon me if I don’t
    comment on your poetics. All of us in the dVerse community enjoy a unique
    fellowship, & I cherish it with all my heart. Wishing you ALL a Merry Christmas
    & may 2015 bring all of us joy.

  16. This one really touched my heart. There is something to be said for "promises" and for just being there, despite whatever tensions come between. Thank you for sharing this. May your Christmas and new year be filled with peace.

  17. so pregnant with emotion....
    the last several years we have spent christmas in the hospital
    and nursing homes with my grandmother who has fallen...
    not yet this year...but i saw lots of this...

  18. How wonderful--you fouund words to expresss that still small voice that lets you know!

  19. "Reach out your hand." Touch is so healing, when you touch another in a loving manner - all else can dissipate. Lovely.


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