The Wave of Breath

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Nasa. Bob Cahalan

This Landsat 7 image of clouds off the Chilean coast near the Juan Fernandez Islands (also known as the Robinson Crusoe Islands) on September 15, 1999, shows a unique pattern called a "von Kármán vortex street." This pattern has long been studied in the laboratory, where the vortices are created by oil flowing past a cylindrical obstacle, making a string of vortices only several tens of centimeters long. Study of this classic "flow past a circular cylinder" has been very important in the understanding of laminar and turbulent fluid flow that controls a wide variety of phenomena, from the lift under an aircraft wing to Earth's weather.

confound me
in their ability to make themselves known
in morning hours filled with light,
in dreams 
which foretell
those truths 
blithely overlooked
during day's cognizance.

In dreams, I learn
to ride the wave of breath
to its natural end,
a replenishment 
of that interior landscape
so ready to receive.

So too,
today's end
wrapping itself around a calendar date
which marches forward
regardless of intent.

I breathe.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2015


  1. ah time marches ever forward whether we want it to or not....better not to fight it...and just breath...
    what a cool phenomena, i need to study that a bit i can use that in math...smiles.

  2. You are gifted. The best poet I know. Beautiful, Audrey....I've run out of words to describe you and your work. Have a splendid day.

  3. Audrey - all I can say is WOW! Wow to the whole post! And, thank you.

  4. Audrey, this really speaks for me tonight. I lost a friend and this communicates how I feel. Lovely poem

  5. How very interesting Audrey! Mankind can learn through what nature reveals. Just a matter of good discovery! Great lines!


  6. Learning to breathe our way through it all. A wonderful write, Audrey!!

  7. Ah, it's really hard to plan something if we know what day will bring at the end ...but with breathe (bright idea) we can intent and visualize the ending we desire...~ nice one

  8. Interesting pattern.

  9. Very soulful an lyrical piece Audrey, dreams as a replenishment - very true, especially on a spiritual level for me - thank you for sharing this beautiful insight... With Best Wishes Scott

  10. ... and then we know that the breath is all there is, in the moment, in the next, in reality.


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