Secrets' Journeys

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fractalmandala by Alexa Szlávics artist

i fell from the sky
on a mid-morning, white
as alabaster,

seeking out
the dreamless,
their void a door
left ajar in the night.

i can sail on the detrtis
of dreams unrealized,
their canons unwrit,

verses left muted.

in trees i can always dance
in the chatter of leaves
left to their own devices.

but instead, i found only you,
cocconed in the chaff left behind,
lies left unspoken.

shall we open our eyes
to see where we land?

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2016

Posted for Susan's mid-week motif prompt--Secrets at Poets United


  1. Yum! To have such a visitor would be my delight, even if we started by obscuring the truth. The journey is a revelation--not a complete fiction!

  2. Nope, keeping my eyes closed waiting to be surprised. Loved this.

  3. I especially love "on a mid-morning, white as alabaster".

  4. Yes we shall :D what an amazing write Audrey!

    Lots of love,

  5. Falling from the sky into the mystery of life. Love this one!

  6. must have been living in a cloud, interesting visitor

    much love...

  7. A fine contrast Audrey. One full of light and the other covered in unknowing.

  8. The last two lines are fabulous...

  9. Ooh. There's so much to love in this verse.
    "in trees i can always dance/in the chatter of leaves/left to their own devices": Perfect. :-)


  10. I could imagine the couple tumbling from the sky. Such great imagery.

  11. so many beautiful images...a feast really...

  12. To land cocooned, still in a protective mode, the journey must be harsh.

  13. Such a beautiful opening image - made me think of 'The man who fell to earth' - but more beautiful and with more hopeful possibilities..and yes..let's open our eyes

  14. shall we open our eyes
    to see where we land?

    Life is so unpredictable that one must move about with eyes open. That is true in many instances. Rightly so Audrey!


  15. I've read a great deal of poetry since I came to HubPages....yours is the best.

  16. This is lovely. I love the words you chose, they transport me to a dream.

  17. I love this portion:

    "in trees i can always dance
    in the chatter of leaves
    left to their own devices."

    Wonderful journey all together!

  18. This is so mysterious. I just love your poetry.

  19. Not all secrets are unpleasant, and sometimes a mysterious secret can hide delight when all is revealed. Nicely penned, Audrey.

  20. A wonderful piece! The open and close are truly stunning - and bookend the resplendent lines that they hold: beautifully.


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