Left Behind

i find pieces of me
strewn among old buttons
plastic whites
yellowing with age

a red box
with white buttons
grey hair, my thread

these are the colors
you left behind
and a thimble
bent silver
to hold them all
until i sew them into place again

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2016

Posted for Poets United Pantry


  1. "Grey hair, my thread"....I resonate with the "thimble, bnt silver, to hold them all until I sew them into place again." There are those times, and it is good knowing the pieces will fit back together, if a bit stretched.

  2. Live the sense of nostalgia here.
    Happy Sunday

    Much love...

  3. We all have pieces of ourselves hiding waiting to be found again.

  4. Wow! What dream did this come from?

  5. I think everywhere we look we can find pieces of ourselves that have been left behind. A bit eerie, but that is what life leaves us.

  6. Very cool - I dig this piece, how it pulls all of the elements together.

  7. This is so lovely - eloquently rendered. I found a serene acceptance in your words that I thought was wonderful and wise.

  8. "until i sew them into place again" life is good when we can do that in spite of silver etc.

  9. We hold onto memories in such insignificant things but then weep when we see them again, hurting because we want to hurt at what we have lost. This is so beautiful.

  10. I especially love that second stanza with "gray hair my thread."

  11. All of those nice things I've said about you in the past? Multiply times ten and you have my comment for this beauty!

  12. The image of those brittle buttons and the hair of gray works so well in this poem...

  13. Little pieces of us just waiting to be nicely kept for remembrance. Requires efforts to take into account!


  14. Absolutely wonderful poetic thoughts. Most creative poetry. Enjoyed this.

  15. Love this - I guess we all have unborn stories inside of us which are waiting to come out.. they groom us both good and bad ❤️ Beautifully penned. Happy Halloween Audrey ❤️



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