The Waiting

these are the days of waiting
of prayerful thoughts
of urgent pushing

when life and death
are equidistant
when repose, just isn't

these are the longest nights
when light can't push through
when it sits hard on my chest

you smile
tell me it will be alright

that the life and death of things
moves easily past you
to another room
another mother

because you are of me
and he is of you

and birth will pull you into the stream
let you fly over the falls

as the weight of water
of bone
blooms in the darkness.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2018

Here is Max: Now 5 months old:

We have been busy!

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  1. Oh he is so sweet and adorable...many congrats and I adore your wonderful poem! Enjoy this busy time with Max and your family!

  2. A beautiful poem of waiting!! And a beautiful baby Max!!!

    1. I wrote this one during the last week before delivery--the time when we do a lot of praying--

  3. I really really love this poem... and what a sweet smile... love how you used the darkness here.

  4. I held my breathe through the whole darn thing. This was a great read for me.

    1. PS: MAX! What a cutie... you're in trouble : )

    2. I had forgotten so much of what this felt like when I was there in the middle of giving birth to my kids--it is nice to remember it and see it from this point of view--and he is a cutie! He has gorgeous parents---

  5. As a grandmother of healthy three-year-old twins born of a high-risk pregnancy, I really appreciate your poem.Thanks!

  6. That is one beautiful, beautiful baby!😍😍 Loved your poem.. its truly breathtaking! 💜

  7. Beautiful child!!

    Thinking of your poem - I think this is one of your best really. Very depthful and intense. I was especially struck by the part about life and death being equidistant, the closeness of death to life and life to death. Made me do some thinking!!

  8. That last stanza packs all the punch of a birth - congratulations!

  9. Aw! This brought me back 18 1/2 years ago when my Max came into the world. I imagine you have been busy. :D

  10. the innocent smile of a child is just the best thing... :)

  11. This poem is stunning - really, an eloquent rendering of this 'passage' in life. I love it! Wonderful picture! Congratulations to you and your family, Audrey!

  12. Max is pure magic. Enjoy the sweetness. Congratulations!

  13. A gorgeous baby and a gorgeous poem. I especially like the young mom's assurance that being of you and he of her, she would fly over the falls. Clearly, she did just that, and look at that happy face! How wonderful! I have a new great grandson arriving in late July. It will be an exciting time.

  14. Smiles are little suns... Darkness can't take over while a face we love looks at us glowing with glee, with life, with tomorrow bursting out of bright eyes. Just precious.

  15. I love your poem and handsome Max. Many blessings to you and your family.

  16. Life and death are like twin bookends. Love that face!

  17. Yes you have been busy, taking care of a most precious gift. That is a million dollar smile. Peace and blessings upon your family.

  18. Your words are incredibly moving Audrey, and little Max is beautiful.
    Anna :o]

  19. Max is simply beautiful! And so is the poem.

  20. This is a magnificent poem - honest and introspective in its wisdom and experience.
    And Max is so adorable. My heartiest congratulations!



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