Fence Posts

the distance between us
is marked by fence posts,
regular intervals
browning in light and failing wind
here for the long haul.

wire carries murmurs
that used to feel like love,

i feel its unrepentant language
foment mirages
which speak now only
in unvoiced consonant clusters
meant to be soothing,

now, it isn't enough.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2019

Posted for Poets United


  1. I find myself reading and rereading this, as if driving back and forth. There's such a feeling of emptiness...maybe loneliness?...I think I keep coming back because I love the language but hope for a different resolution. :)

  2. Maybe fences make good neighbors but love's enclosed with sterner stuff. Of course there are boundaries -- of course I and Thou are ever apart -- but love's boundary should be as Rilke put it -- to protect and border welcome.. ... Ah well, and then came time. The image of those fence posts lingers so strongly in the poem, well done.

  3. Distance marked by fence posts........that line resonates for me.........and "Now it isn't enough." A poem of sadness, with feelings I definitely relate to. Nice to see you, Audrey! Happy New Year!

  4. This is a stunning and emotive piece. The fence posts are a visual (mind's eye) image that create a mesmerizingly impactful sense of distance. The line breaks, as well, are so effective in adding to that feeling of loss. Wonderful writing, Audrey.

  5. The spaces between the posts are truly not enough


  6. It was enough before but now it isn't enough.
    Was it ever enough
    Nothing is ever enough
    It used to feel like love once
    What does love feel like
    What is love
    Is love the same for everyone or
    is it an individual response
    This poem raises endless questions.
    A very thoughtful ,philosophically interesting ,honest piece about 'in for the long haul relationships '. Loved it. Could write forever about it.Fortunately for you I wont:)

  7. The repetition of that "once" carries so much feeling...

  8. Oh, so sad ... and powerfully expressed.

  9. I feel the sadness here, the lack of hope! Well penned.

  10. Sadly beautiful, Audrey. This could be said by so many of us...losing touch with other....losing interest in former friends...old lovers....very beautiful and poignant.

  11. The fence posts provide a sad image to set the stage. Good write.

  12. This is beautifully poignant. Especially like; "wire carries murmurs that used to feel like love, once."💞

  13. Lovely and poignant thoughts. They bring me to the words of the country song - don't fence me in...

  14. This is excellent, what a great metaphor for a fading love... maybe most good stories end in such murmur...

  15. The expression is subtle yet beautiful.


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