Do Strawberries Contain the Meaning of Life?


Image by Pezibear from Pixabay 

I wanted to forget how to feel,

unreeling old celluloid 64 mm

on sheets in memory


a perfect day by a stream

this two-year-old with hair so blond

it disappeared in the sun


bounced on his lap

cigarette hanging from his lips

Brylcreem shine on curls I would inherit


wind pulled ash from his face

into tinkling water


patched lives can look like anything

even a strawberry offered on a summer day

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey M. Howitt 2021

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  1. there is both pain and joy weaved into this poem, and it moves all the way through, the memory is bittersweet, like a strawberry. very well written... very

  2. Beautiful, the way you say just enough to convey volumes in the unsaid.

  3. I feel like I'm seeing an old photograph described. There is a strawberry somewhere in the shot. An oracle.

  4. Each stanza looks and feels like an old Polaroid shot taken on a warm summer's day.

  5. My God you are good! It could have easily been me sitting on my dad's lap. Simply beautiful....sweet melancholy!

  6. I sense an undertone of something ominous ... and hope I am way off base. Beautifully composed!!!

  7. I feel as if I peeked into your treasured family photo album and came across one of your favorite memories captured on film. Beautifully penned.

  8. There is so much longing in this one. I can practically see the speaker, staring at a fresh strawberry... While reliving long ago memories.

  9. Nostalgia always carries at least a teensy (sometimes a giant) ache, and this poem does a wonderful job at letting people discover and feel it too, in all its bittersweet glory.

  10. This is filled with nostalgia and angst. Hope you are well Audrey. Take care!


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