Autumn's Fire

I view you not gentle soul.
You hide amidst the tall green rushes
Evading my line of sight.

Press your pale countenance,
Cool, upon my as yet fevered brow
And fill this evening’s gloom
With the glitter of dusky fragrance
That I may recall the lightness
Of an unencumbered morning.

Whisper again to me in verses of
Amber hue the words of sweet love’s lessons
long gone from this heart rent in two.

Mend this mind with the shimmer of vibratoed tones
Sweet upon the ear,
Honeyed upon your breath.

Touch my breast with fingertips enlivened
With the art of Eros--
That this forgotten body
May recall again
The frequency of the formant
Of fire’s fondness within it.

Amen to the heart which bestows such a gift.

All rights reserved/copyright Audrey Howitt 2011


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