A Tear

A single tear spills over into rivulet
   traced by the fearful hand
      of life's less gentle spirits.

A pearlescent stream
   festooning its prismatic hue
     upon cheek downy with love's light.

Do not weep for the weeper
   For the tear though borne of sorrow this day
      has the deepest blue of love
         as its path on cheek and chin.

As this weeper's heart
   finds love's blue light
      mirrored in the silvered heart
         of a

All rights reserved/copyright Audrey Howitt 2011


  1. Do not weep for the weeper..Audrey, I do so love reading your work......

  2. This is beautiful--I see the tear as it travels. :) Cheers!! Jenn.

  3. What a beautiful poem about a tear and it's path. Pure brilliance.



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