Love's Glance #2

The heart tells the story
of years together
with episodes of laughter
sparkling with
the tears
of life's tiny tragedies

wrinkled with age
folded along lines unseen
for convenient transportation
in pocket
or purse

unfolded gently
in the wave 
of autumn's starry heat

warped by the tears
of dusty roads
unkempt tar
and the asphalt of many miles

unbound in love
worn with care
this heart
radiant still
with love and heat
found fresh in the careful glance
that tentative terrain
of love's perfect glance.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2011 

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  1. That's a love glance indeed- full of imagery and history!

  2. Awww, sounds like a perfect love to me. How romantic.

  3. Sweet and romantic...very nice.

    Nice to meet you at D'verse ~

  4. So beautiful. I especially like the first line of each stanza. Somehow the words you chose speak to me.

  5. A very nice picture of love! Made me warm this winter eve.

  6. Filled with romance, nicely done. Can truly tell a story just from a glance.

  7. Like "that tentative terrain."

    That's where we find ourselves when that first glance is exchanged!

  8. Audry! Hi!

    Reading this, I have an urge to compare my
    scooter trips on the Blue Highways of eastern U.S., to my life experiences: from shoveling cow manure, to symphony orchestra violinist, to scooter-bum. Scooter trips--and my life, each have been lengthy. Each have touched hot, gooey asphalt, and both have enjoyed freedom of the sounds, smells, wondrous sights of nature, and countless conversations with strangers along the way...

    Guess you'd say I liked your short and poetic description, thoughts! Thank you.

  9. What a lovely story this heart tells...

  10. know real love lasts through it all...and that is what you captured for me...nicely done..

  11. the asphalt of many miles... yes. worn, but still, solid.

  12. I think you've mastered the form of this. I hear this sung along a country road where love is lost or found.

  13. smiles.. love the imagery here..esp. in these lines..
    ..folded along lines unseen
    for convenient transportation
    in pocket
    or purse.. very nice

  14. I love this imagery! Wrinkles sound so beautiful in your descriptions. :)

  15. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting--much appreciated!

  16. Yes, an old love leaves lovely trails through the heart. Tenderly wrought.

  17. Poem conveys feelings of nostalgia. It's like looking at a photo of a loved one that has been carried around in one's wallet forever. But everytime one looks at it, the feelings of love is as much as when it first bloomed.

    Really nice piece.

    - Ravenblack

  18. interesting picture of v.old-love.

  19. We sell "embroidered hankies" in the store. This makes me think of them and the stories they one day could tell.

  20. love's perfect glance'... great closure there

  21. keep writing this great poetry Audrey and a happy Christmas and New Year to you.


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