My Prayer At Bavokerk

Bavokerk, Haarlam

I stand in the whisper
of souls’ keenest desires
flagrant in their wanting,
the murmurs so loud
my ears hammer
in the same harmony
of heart beats
synching across eons.

If I sit still long enough
will the pipes of their bodies
release those desires
molecule by molecule
into the ether
of the souls’ remembrances:
a sigh recalled,
a tear abstained,
a word muted
in the wind of time?

I sit silent
a witness
holding the door open for you.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

posted for Dverse


  1. Very meditative poem, Audrey. I can feel the eyes of past centuries rising above. The wind of time eventually will claim us all.

  2. A perfect end to the communion. Thank you for the introduction to this beautiful place.

  3. so much going on the holding the door open for him..the waiting, praying, being, listening..the pipes of their bodies...awesome..organ music gives me full of felt resonance...

  4. This is such a beautiful piece, A silent witness holding the door open for you, is such a sharing stanza. Really beautiful.

  5. if i sit long enough what will be piece audrey....i like the welcome as well in holding the door open for them to come share and be real....

  6. One of the justification of the early church in braking with the tradition of simple churches was the desire to have heaven in a Earthly place. A feeling suggested by this poem.

  7. What a grand place. The door swinging open to let all in and share, like that notion.

  8. I like the last image of holding the door open..welcoming spirit ~ Lovely share ~

  9. Ah, such a pretty poem. Well done. k .

  10. It is a solemn communion with souls of the past. Impressive.

  11. Audrey, I hereby grant YOU permission to jactate. Your poem is magnificent! :)

  12. Such a thoughtful and beautiful piece, Audrey. Loved the phrase "the ether
    of the souls’ remembrances."

  13. A compromise in keeping the door open. An anticipation to welcome the expected appearance! Nicely. Audrey!


  14. lovely... the pipes of their bodies is just fabulous.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Mediocrity--whose writing is anything but . . .

  15. This is so beautiful. Got caught up in the delicious flow of word and form. Great piece.

  16. Beautiful ,mysterious and yet inviting. Thank you for sharing.

  17. How very universal yet personal in its delivery....I love "syncing across eons"

  18. Beautiful, I can feel the heart beating into the ether


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