The Currency of Day's End

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Henry Raeburn
Portrait of Ms. Eleanor Urquhart

Day seasons its end
with crumbs of stale bread
salty upon my tongue
lodging between teeth
taking up residence in tiny pockets,

and remind me of
the unfolding lamp of the morning to come
when the heart’s manna
lying fresh
opens again
into the promise of the day
strewn with honey and herb
to heighten flavor
and smooth
its path.

These crumbs I reserve for later--
for ends
for loneliness
for promises made
and blithely spent.
I hold the currency of day’s end.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2012

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  1. I like the image of ziplocking the honeyed scents for ends and loneliness ~ Terrific share ~

    1. Thank you so much for the read Heaven--love your work as well--

  2. Firstly, manna reference, awesome.

    The concept of a passed moment becoming currency is fantastic. Not everyone has the right attitude for saving such a thing, I suppose.

  3. Really enjoyed this, a nice soft flow with the right touch of sweetness :) thanks for sharing

  4. It was a big no-no to stash some manna over night, next thing ya know, there's quail flyin out of your nose.
    I love the line~promises made and blithely spent~though i need to reconcile it.
    I also love the hope of honey every morning.
    That chick's got a pretty hip doo for the day.

  5. Audrey, this was wonderful. Such a soft and gentle poem. Lots of thought.

  6. Very lovely, especially "I hold the currency of day's end".

  7. rich diction.wonderful words and images.loved it.

  8. really nice style - your images really jump out

  9. Beautiful piece Audrey, love how you have captured this in metaphor...lovely.

  10. This has such a classic feel to it - I adore the second stanza.

  11. The heart's manna... fresh anew each day. I ponder the meaning and hope to incorporate the essence. Lovely.

  12. Crumbs can indeed be quite precious as shown in your moving poem.

  13. I love the tone of this.

    Sorry I didn't stop by earlier. I appreciate the visit and comment you paid my blog last week!


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