Papa's Gift

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The Poem of the Soul
Louis Janmot
In the Public Domain in the United States

He sat often in a chair
Eyes closed
Wagner’s Parsifal was a favorite
Pouring out of Grundig speakers
Face enrapt
Soul traveling elsewhere I suspect

On Tuesday evenings
After his lodge meetings
We often discussed soul
And aura
And astral projection

I was 12 I think
When he first read my aura
And I knew that other 12 year-old’s fathers
Weren’t doing this with their daughters

And so now
For the gift given so many years ago
I thank you
Again and again
With eyes closed
I sit and listen to Barber’s Adagio for Strings
And feel my soul loosen a bit
To seek you out
To touch you again
And remember

copyright/all right reserved Audrey Howitt 2013


  1. feel the soul loosen just a bit eh? how cool is that...and remembering those times as well...i can see you sitting right piece...makes me think of my uncle...

  2. Love the memories between the father and daughter ~ Music is a wonderful gift ~

  3. Wonderfully evocative and an affirming poem - I like it a lot.

  4. Such a beautiful and touching picture you paint, of this kind man, and of you, years later, eyes closed, listening to music and remembering.

  5. Audrey, this is such a touching poem really. How fortunate you were to have a father who read your aura, and what a beautiful memory. He would be pleased, I know, if he knew you remembered in this way!

  6. Lovely memory -- very touching and special. Some connections remain through time and space -- I think that's grace.

  7. So wonderful to remember what was unique in a parent.That individuality is given as a gift to the daughter.

  8. music is a powerful link to memory good portrayal :-)

  9. Beautiful mysticism and celebration of your father.

  10. "to seek you out, to touch you again and remember" beautiful! There are so many songs that make me think of my father and remember all those heartfelt conversations on our front porch and when I hear them I feel close to him. Really wonderful poem!

  11. such lovely words and lines, and so touching too.

  12. gosh...this is so beautiful, Audrey!

    I wish you could give me some tips to do this. love your gift!

  13. I love this Audrey! Few can speak to a cosmic connection as confidently and knowledgeably as you do here. What a wonderful legacy you received.

  14. what a most interesting character! An excellent homage too!

  15. yes it's a beautiful gift ... thanks for sharing.

  16. Beautiful words...and there's nothing like a father's love. Awesome stuff, Audrey! I just LOVE your poems. :)

  17. Moments that are rare treasures. I am so glad you had them and that you share them. Thanks and hugs!

  18. Touching poem - Lovely memories - Beautiful and eloquent writing.
    Thank you for sharing.

  19. Parents are our guiding angels and you have beautifully penned it down.


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