The Pull of Summer

wikimedia commons
Mary Cassatt
in the public domain in the United States

She had felt the pull for weeks
Every morning on rising,
The sky called her name
Uttering syllables on its blue currents.

Each afternoon,
The light flaked off
Steamed concrete
A miasma beheld.

Each evening,
When her porch
Held the blue light of dusk
Just a little longer.

She gave into it unexpectedly on a Tuesday afternoon.
Schedule cleared for the day,
A lemonade in hand,
She napped a bit.
And while dozing,
A bee landed on the rim of her glass.
And that was all that was needed
To tip her over
Into summer.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013

Posted for Poets United Pantry


  1. ha...tip her over into summer....smiles....hoping no bees get in my lemonade though...a sting on the lip is no joke....ha....but i do like some porch sitting...smiles.

  2. Wonderful how you sequence the siren summer's entrance into her world and the bee tipping the balance!

  3. Much enjoyed. Your poem tipped me into summer.

  4. Such simple images but so appropriate for the message...and any poem that uses the word "miasma" is alright by me. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Audrey!

  5. Lovely, fun, and delightfully summertime!

  6. Love that part of the bee tipping her to summer ~ Wonderful & fun to write about this season ~ Happy weekend ~

  7. Tipped over into summer. Love that line. Summer has hit us full force - 102 F is predicted today.

  8. "Uttering syllables on its blue currents." beautiful... I had to laugh when I read the word miasma in your poem, because I was just joking about that exact word with my husband, saying I want to take a walk, but it is too hot and humid for my asthma and then I said wait, isn't miaasma a word all it's own... I forget what it means.... and promptly looked it up in the dictionary:-)

  9. Quite a sting at the end. Loved how I was lulled into it.

  10. hope you are having a great weeked audrey...and a great week ahead...smiles.

  11. Oh, but I've felt this pull (what a fabulous title) and fallen gently into Summer. This was so so lovely.

  12. Just the idea of being tipped over into summer!! It IS about time, I think. Smiles.

  13. I love this and felt it as you said it.

  14. This poem is delicious Audrey. Love the word play.

  15. Lovely to be tipped over into summer. We're still waiting for it here - gray and cool........

  16. Audrey, thank you so for coming by. I enjoyed your encouraging words. I also love your poem. I would look at the Cassatt and read a stanza - look at the Cassatt and read a stanza. I read your about before the poem. I chuckled at "recovering lawyer" and saw her in the 4th stanza until "And while dozing" she disappeared. This was magical. I really love your banner. Is this something that you created? Is it thread? It is very lovely.

  17. That was lovely, and I especially liked your ending!

  18. such a vivid and beautiful picture your words draw! and thanks for all the generous comments.

  19. Love the way you put that. Nice one.

  20. Nice piece - solid narrative, pretty rare in the poems I've read recently.


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