A Little Death

wikimedia commons
Vera Buhl
Leaves, Bodenheim, Germany

they dance in their way

moving to rhythms

deeply embedded

in messages carried by sap

stung by autumn's latent kiss

they die the little death

mourned by grub and weevil

as blood dances upon

withered leaves


an italic

upon a plate

of copper


and i,

festooned in their garb

shed my worry

as they do theirs

each to a small sleep


a book of changes


copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2013

forgive my absence. November is being usurped by Nanowrimo--


  1. The changing seasons, the loss of leaves, the browning of all the colors...ah, autumn. Love it. :) I love the imagery, especially the line, "as blood dances upon withered leaves crimsoned..." - so, so poetic. xo

  2. This is beautiful, Audrey. If only we could shed our worry as easily as trees shed their leaves and plants shed their blossoms... If only we could be SO accepting of the way life is!

    1. Thank you Mary. I am always a bit introspective this time of year--as are you I think. I loved your piece today.

  3. a beautiful poem. oh that small sleep. We are on a similar wavelength today, i think, with nature changing all around us.

    1. We were most definitely on the same wavelength--your piece was stunning

  4. Changes are inevitable be it in season or in life :)

  5. This was a delightful poem to awaken to. I really enjoyed it.

  6. I do believe you were mentioned in my blog yesterday and for a good reason....your poetry is exquisite.

  7. Oh! How beautiful those small temporary deaths are, and how good of Mother Earth to commemorate them in her garb and turning.

  8. Just lovely, especially enjoyed the last few lines, so true. :<)

  9. hey you...sorry i missed you earlier this week....smiles..a lovely poem audrey...good to see you as well..i hope that november lightens up for you....

  10. Audrey,

    This is the season of certainty, with nature leading its natural direction. Sad to see the fallen leaves, yet the colours enhance the season. Spring not too far beyond.

    A lovely poem Audrey:)

  11. I think about how wondrous Mother Nature is as she allows the beautiful colored leaves of autumn display, fall then feed our beautiful spring blossoms; such a bold plan for perpetual beauty!!


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