A Discriminating Palate

wikimedia commons
Luis Ruiz Berti

the snails took the long way home that morning,
leaving their trail of slime behind them,
marking territory.

leaves glistened in the sun.
trails crisscrossed like so many overpasses,
an epicurean guide to the gourmet ghetto.

i would have thought basil too strong--
too pungent a stew 
for moist snail mouths,
especially when gone to seed,
white flowers dancing on stalks in the gray wind.

but snails know delight when they taste it,
and whoever said that they lack a discriminating palate.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014


  1. Steady and slow is the snail, works hard and never panics!

  2. Ah ... so it is basil that makes them so tasty!

  3. a discriminating palate indeed!!...

  4. Audrey I am still at Noh Where. But have opened a blogger blog at:


    Please come by. Thanks!

  5. Ha! Oh those snails and slugs... Enjoyed this fun piece!

  6. What a fun write, with a little tongue-in-cheek message in those last two lines.

  7. Ha, I like this poem. Snails obviously have good taste if they enjoy basil..actually, I would say their taste seems VERY refined. Smiles. (Thanks for making some visits around PU today - October 5 - even though you haven't posted! Kudos)


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