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little said

little done

i fear the worst


somewhere in the middle of it

nestled against its cheek

holding thought

in abeyance

it is you

you see

terminating my sight

with your eyes

tell me again

that i will find

my way


time settled accounts the other day

dissipating its thread

in colored loops

spindled before i had a chance

to glean what might have been.


music stirs the mots

in front of me

i see them vibrate

and wonder

if this aria will find

its way home

into my body again.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

A bit of free form with no editing. I am the first to say that I have no idea what all this means


  1. make me laugh Audrey! Well, even if you're not sure what all this means, I enjoyed each one.

  2. Passages are, pretty much, a muddle when one finds oneself in the middle of one. They usually sort themselves out (or are abandoned altogether) in retrospect. You may not be sure, what it means, right now - but your title speaks volumes. One foot down and then the other, and sooner or later you look around and (lo and behold) you've made it to the other side (or so I have found). Though, Dang "somewhere in the middle of it" can be the pits. Smiles.

  3. Dan Fogelberg had a song with a line in it..."down the ancient corridors." I was humming that to myself as I sat spellbound, once again, because of your talent.

  4. Love this Audrey, makes me think of the paths we have taken or not taken in life, always in search of wholeness. Beautifully done!

  5. I love the free form writing specially the last one, smiles ~

  6. That line at the bottom "I'm the first to say I don't know what this means," cracked me up. As I was reading, my first thought was "contemplative" - and really, these are the words of the stirring of the soul. Your Innerness is speaking and saying aloud that You're here. Now.


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