The Weaving of Lives

the morgue file


i knit a blanket
out of old merino,
bits tied
ends tucked
needles clacking
over time.

i find myself
in their rhythm,
pulling through
until i am warm again.


there is no there
between us,
only a voided space
held together
by bits of string
left over
from other projects
found in baskets
underneath my bed.

i had thought
them to be of no use,
but edges unravel,
and i cannot help it.
repairs are inevitable.


the bits of us
across beds,
our lives
a pastiche

copyright/all rights reserved AudreyHowitt 2015

posted for Poets United


  1. did you know that in prayer rugs they often leave a corner ragged and unfinished so that the spirit can get in...i always think of that with blankets as well..the little missed hooks or bit of the maker that are in there...making each one all the more unique...

  2. This is very moving really.....the idea of knitting a blanket out of old merino...making something new and useful out of something that had been cast aside. The last stanza was particularly poignant.

  3. I feel the truth in this. We are all made up of bits and pieces, patched in, lost, repaired, regained. Each of us is an intricate weaving.

  4. I like how you move from the real of the knitting to the metaphor of knitting between people.. Maybe we should spend more time patching and repairing than with what's new and exciting. Great metaphor and form

  5. Very good use of metaphor here I think--discarded pieces used to make something new. Thank you for visiting my blog as well.

  6. Repairs are inevitable indeed. We are all work in progress.. damaged & bruised, sometimes destroyed but at the end of a journey healed back to become stronger & better for more journeys to come ahead of us. Great read!

    - ksm

  7. Great use of the metaphor, Audrey! I enjoyed the wistfulness of your poem.

  8. I love the knitting metaphor ... there is warmth in this and a connection despite the loss ... and a sense of healing. Lovely :)

  9. vivid imagery,
    love the warmth in your words.

  10. Love a good pastiche, usually, but here it's a brave choice. Heck, I applaud it! This poem is exquisite!

  11. We are all persons knitted together, sometimes worn and tattered by use but with a design that tells our history and are precious indeed.

  12. lovely images and metaphor.. really comforting and it smells like home.

  13. I appreciate the meaning of weaving and knitting bits of pieces and repair is inevitable ~ I have seen some women knitting on the train, mostly to pass the time but they look calm and satisfied, not stress at all ~

  14. Sweet melancholy. A beautiful metaphor for practically any relationship. I love your work.

    Have a superb week.

  15. Knitted together in the womb, and out...

  16. Beautiful composition, Audrey.

    Applies so well to our relationships.

  17. beautiful thoughts taking the bits of things past... and very frugal

  18. I love "our lives a pastiche displayed".

  19. Audrey, I love your words. You have woven together beauty and relationship so well.

  20. Wonderful, Audrey! Up there with some of your best work, to me.

  21. I love the metaphorical imagery in this, and I swear that those strings sometimes come loose over time, but we can just tighten them back up again like shoelaces becoming untied.

  22. Great poem. What in intriguing way to express the sentiment.


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