At the edge

The Morgue File
by Mendini

Posts hold more than their own weight
across their backs 
designed as they are for such tedium.
and when through,
they bathe
in the stories they leave behind.

I listen in the stillness.

coyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howtt 2016


  1. This is beautiful. I love "they bathe in the stories they leave behind"

  2. Really cool pairing of the image and your words. Oh, the stories to be told in that stillness...

  3. I've run out of words. You are a gifted writer....I don't know how else to say it.

  4. Love this Audrey. Such lovely sentiments. Are you participating in the April Challenge? How are you keeping up? Today is day 2 and I'm going full stereo in both ears with the muses. I'll need a vacation in May.

  5. A lovely nuanced metaphor - eloquently rendered. The photo and words work so well together. A splendid post!


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