Willing Myself to Remember

drunk with freedom,
an afternoon takes on
opaque colors

i wander streets, mumbling
unknown addresses
to vacant hours

in search
of a memory
marked in sepia wash

All rights reserved/copyright Audrey Howitt 2017

Posted for Poets United


  1. Indeed it seems that sometimes we have to search hard for those memories!

  2. How long the light, the shadows, down this fine esplanade.

  3. Drunk with freedom makes me think of a prisoner let free... but there can be many reasons to search the streets for waypoints.

  4. What an amazing poem with such strong visuals....I am working with my mom as she recalls her childhood and many of those memories, though hard to reach, once unleashed have been an avalanche of emotions.

  5. This sounds like a mom who suddenly finds herself with a free afternoon. LOL. I know the feeling. I remember wandering downtown all afternoon, one day back then, unable to even find myself some lunch.

  6. Some days, memory is hard to catch...

  7. "...a memory / marked in sepia wash"..Oh how wonderfully you've put it. It's exactly like that. I also love the use of 'opaque colors". Beautiful.

  8. Exquisite ... delicately rendered, with a undertone of fragility that is so germane to the content. Fabulous title.

  9. That sepia wash ending left me breathless!💞 Just wow!💞


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