Distances were measured first by feet
i knew the number of steps to your door
counted them in sleep
paused them
pushed them into reverse

then in inches
a micro this
a nano that

until I stopped moving
at all
i look out to the horizon
and realize i know
no words

for the distance
or the feeling.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2018

posted for Poets United


  1. To first have closeness just to realize that we all stop moving... maybe we need to find the world together in the closeness that we find...

  2. I can feel that sense of stopping moving.........and having no words for the distance. Lovely to read you, Audrey.

  3. This is exactly what I'm feeling --- about my mom.

  4. Audrey I was so touched by your words....so very profound.

  5. This is such a perfect picture of a relationship growing apart. So much said with few words. Lovely writing.

  6. LOVE IT! Wonderful lines, cascading to a stunning close. I have found that your closing lines are. often, so beautifully nuanced and indelible … rather like a poetic signature, Audrey. THIS IS AWESOME!

  7. Oh, this is brimming with an unreserved melancholy which is heart-touching — I love how you took something as material as distance and made it poetic like a feeling unto itself. Very well penned. :-)

  8. I got the sense of a child marking off the distance a night to a parent's door, revising that distance as one grows up to smaller and smaller increments, as if the thing not attained was closer and closer. As we age we know less and less of horizons, as well as anything else. At least our words hold to smaller things. Do we know our feelings that much less, too?

  9. You got me thinking of the measured distance between thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they loop.

  10. You sound as if you have been rendered comatosed. Time to feel and speak again. Take the steps towards the horizon singing all the way.

  11. I can relate to your words regarding a relationship I sometimes struggle with


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